[linux-dvb] Firmware for Nova-T (93004, rev. C1A2) ?

Thomas Rokamp thomas at rokamp.dk
Thu Jun 22 19:03:22 CEST 2006

> > The unit works pefectly fine under Windows, which means the Windows
> > driver must have the correct firmware for the unit.
> >
> > A solution to my problem would then be to either
> > a) "boot" the dvb unit from windows and switch to the linux pc
> > or b) find a way to extract the correct firmware from the windows
> > or c) find a way to get the firmware FROM the dvb unit TO the linux (or
> > windows) pc
> It's usually pretty easy snaffle the firmware as it goes across the bus 
> with a usb sniffer like this:
> <http://benoit.papillault.free.fr/usbsnoop/>

Ok - I have now managed to sniff the data that goes from the windows PC
to the usb unit.
I have also with success replayed the stream of data from the Linux pc
to the usb unit, making it initialize correctly (using usbreplay)

So - I now have an analyzed version of the usbsnoop logfile which can be
replayed using usbreplay, so the next step is to find a way to extract
the correct data to a file, that the driver autimatically can upload to
the usb unit (firmware?)

I have uploaded the analyzed log here:

Anyone who knows what to do?


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