[linux-dvb] Record a transport stream with an USB2 tv card using dvbstream

Abdou NIANG abdouniang at voila.fr
Thu Jun 22 19:23:22 CEST 2006

Hi everybody

I've done some changes in the dvb_default.h and now when i use the command

#dvbstream -f 490000 601 600 611 610 -o > test.ts

i got a good test.ts file and i can extract the video and audio pid using ts2ps

#cat test.ts | ts2ps 600 601 > BBC1.pes

#cat test.ts | ts2ps 610 611 > BBC2.pes

the 2 .pes files is readable into mplayer or kaffeine

but when i use the command

#dvbstream -f 490000 -o 8192 > test.ts

my test.ts file isn't empty but it can't be read by mplayer or kaffeine. I think that the firmware of the Nova-t-USB2 doesn't permit me to dump the entire transport stream. Maybe i have to wait few minutes to get a good test.ts file

i've planned to make a script doing:

==>scandvb (package dvb-apps) to have a channels.conf file with the audio and video pids
==>get all the pid and use the command : dvbstream -f 490000 -o pid1 pid2 ... > test.ts

Does anyone can help me?

thank you

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