[linux-dvb] AverMedia USB DVB-T Volar

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo jose at tribulaciones.org
Mon Jun 26 00:08:28 CEST 2006

El dom, 25-06-2006 a las 20:37 +0200, Patrick Boettcher escribió:
> On Sat, 24 Jun 2006, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo wrote:
> > El sáb, 24-06-2006 a las 01:40 +0200, Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo escribió:
> > [...]
> > >   + DibCom 7700B chip (though I only can find in their website a 7700P
> > > one)
> > >   + MT2060F chip
> > >   + EPCOS X7350P chip
> > > 
> > >  So I think that this device (A808) has nothing to do with former A800
> > > device from AverMedia. As they support Linux yet I am comfident we can
> > > make it supported with a free driver as well, but I also think it is
> > > going to take longer than expeected.
> > > 
> > >  I have some photos of device internals if you want to see them.
> > 
> >  Here you have some photos I have took from this device:
> > 
> > http://www.tribulaciones.org/~jose/Volar 
> Did you ask Avermedia for Linux driver support?

  Yes, as they have some kind of Linux support yet in their webpage (as
they provide some precompiled modules for some distros and kernels) I
have asked them to release the code or give LinuxTV the information
required for us to write our own driver. I have explained to them that
precompiled drivers are not useful even for people using the
distribution they claim to support, as they will have probably upgraded
their kernel.

  I sent the mail to Spanish support address, and they replied me that
they had resend the request to their software development center in
Taiwan. It has been a week from that now, and I haven't got any reply
from .tw

> However, if I have the time this week, I going to release the necessary 
> component-driver for the DiBcom STK7700P-ref-design (which is the base for 
> this design). Not 100% sure that this is _exactly_ the same design.

  Nice to hear that. If it is not 100% the same I hope that at least it
is close enough to allow some modifications and to make the card work.

  Thanks you very much for all your work. And of course, if you need
some testing, just ask. I am quite busy during the week, but I'll try to
answer promptly.


Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
   jsogo at debian.org
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