[linux-dvb] VP702x is now working : Not able to lock to the signal on the given frequency

Ken Harris kharris at stoic.net
Mon Jun 26 02:27:07 CEST 2006


 	I compiled your new driver.  It compiles and the driver loads OK.

 	"femon" runs OK, but when I run "dvbstream", it says, "Not able to 
lock to the signal on the given frequency" (see details below)... and 
dmesg says, "vp702x: usb in operation failed. (-110)"

 	This 'dvbstream' code works OK with the Twinhan VP1025 (which is 
the same tuner & DVS-S decoder, but with a PCI bus) using Manu's driver: 

 	Here's the output of dvbstream:

/home/kjh/dvbstream/dvbstream -D 2 -f 1091000 -p V -s 20000 -udp -net 0 16 33 4130 4132
dvbstream v0.6 - (C) Dave Chapman 2001-2004
Released under the GPL.
Latest version available from http://www.linuxstb.org/
Tuning to 1091000 Hz
Using DVB card "Twinhan DST-like frontend (VP7021/VP7020) DVB-S", freq=1091000
tuning DVB-S to Freq: 1091000, Pol:V Srate=20000000, 22kHz tone=off, LNB: 2
Getting frontend status
Not able to lock to the signal on the given frequency

MAP 0, addr From -1 secs, To -1 secs, 5 PIDs -  0 16 33 
4130 4132
dvbstream will stop after -1 seconds (71582788 minutes)
Streaming 5 streams

--- Patrick Boettcher <patrick.boettcher at desy.de>wrote:

> finally I was able to find the clue to make the StarBox work .  Sorry 
> for taking so long, but I was too busy doing other things.

> However the VP702x-firmware is not so simple to program - there are a 
> lot of traps which are very easy to step into - and I took them all. 
> Working on it can be described as in Indy3 the second exercise in the 
> temple he gets the Gral: but without knowing how to write "Jehova" .

> It took several weekends and since Monday I'm using the box daily with 
> VDR. No problems so far with Astra 19.2

> It can be found here, for all of you who want to test.

> http://linuxtv.org/hg/~pb/v4l-dvb.vp702x

> Most likely the driver will only deliver data, when you use it together 
> with the StarBox2: According to Twinhan only with that revision you can 
> receive the whole TS (so disabling the PID filter). The older revision 
> has a PID filter of 8 entries - I had some problem when using it with 
> VDR so this PID filtering mechanism is currently not activated. 
> Everything for that is inside the vp702x.c - in case someone wants to 
> work on that and can do something without breaking support for the 
> StarBox2.

> I couldn't test diseqc, too, but the code is inside vp702x-fe.c .

> The firmware has also changed, during this day I will put the new one to 
> http://www.thadathil.net/dvb/fw/ .

> best regards,
> Patrick.

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