[linux-dvb] Is firmware needed for KNC1 DVB-C-card?

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at lidskialf.net
Mon Jun 26 10:34:20 CEST 2006

On Monday 26 June 2006 07:06, Peter Schram wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-06-25 at 22:52 +0100, Andrew de Quincey wrote:
> > On Sunday 25 June 2006 12:26, Peter Schram wrote:
> > > I'm desperately trying to get my KNC1 DVB-C with CI and Alphacrypt CAM
> > > working. So far nothing is working.
> > >
> > > Do I need a firmware loading with this card? All drivers seem to load
> > > ok, but I can't get any mpeg out of the card.
> > >
> > > I posted earlier on the list with a lengthy log explanation, but got no
> > > reply unfortunately. Is the above combination possible to use, or am I
> > > trying the impossible?
> >
> > no - no firmware should be necessary. I think the alphacrypt cam should
> > work on that board.
> Ok, that is good to know.
> > Do you get data normally - i.e. is the card fully functional for
> > receiving data without a CAM?
> I think so. When using the board without the cam inserted I got non-zero
> length mpeg-files, but since all channels are encrypted over here, I get
> no decent output. The file is not playable with mplayer for instance.
> With the cam I still get al lock with czap, but all files are zero
> length.
> I have a overview of all steps and commands I have tried written down in
> this post:
> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2006-June/011029.html
> If there are things I need to try or debugging that needs to be done,
> please let me know. I'm out of options at the moment, however. I don't
> know how to enable more (debug)logging to investigate further.

I'm really getting fed up with KNC1 cards! :)

In drivers/media/dvb/ttpci/budget-av.c/ciintf_slot_ts_enable(), try commenting 
out the line:

                tda10021_write_byte(budget_av->budget.dvb_frontend, 0x12, 

Can you send me the output of lspci -vn for your card?

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