[linux-dvb] No frontend driver found with 2.6.17

Thomas Schmidt tschmidt at debian.org
Mon Jun 26 22:12:34 CEST 2006

* Andrew de Quincey schrieb am 26.06.06, um 00:05 Uhr:
> > slipstream kernel: budget-av: A frontend driver was not found for device
> > 1131/7146 subsystem 153b/1155 Jun 24 10:56:31 slipstream kernel: budget-av:
> > ci interface initialised.
> Would it be possible for you to try 2.6.17-rc1 and see if that has the same 
> problem? Thats where the bulk of the DVB patches went in.
> I'm having difficulty tracking down this problem; I can't really see how the 
> DVB changes would cause it - could be something subtle though :(

Yes, i can try 2.6.17-rc1, i even tried it allready, and it worked,
the same with -rc2 - i am building 2.6.17-rc3 now, and i will try the
other rc's as well until i can find the version which causes the
problem. :)


Thomas Schmidt, Debian VDR Team
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