[linux-dvb] USB troubles with DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Dual Digital

Nick Rolfe nickrolfe at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 14:16:58 CEST 2006

On 27/06/06, Shanon Mulley <shanonmulleyster at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm reading the bit about lirc configuration. Although it details 2
> lirc files, it doesnt mention the lircd.conf file. Should I just use
> the one that comes with lirc0.8.1? (lircd.conf.fusionHDTV).

Give that file a go, and if irw tells you you're pressing the buttons
that you really are, then you're fine. I got no output from irw
because that lircd.conf didn't match my remote. I created my own
config file using irrecord, feel free to try it.

Note I had to change the toggle_bit to 0 since every button press was
detected as two. I spotted the solution in this thread


# Please make this file available to others
# by sending it to <lirc at bartelmus.de>
# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.8.0(devinput) on Tue Jun 27 01:29:53 2006
# contributed by
# brand:                       DVICO_MCE
# model no. of remote control:
# devices being controlled by this remote:

begin remote

  name  DVICO_MCE
  bits           16
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  one             0     0
  zero            0     0
  pre_data_bits   16
  pre_data       0x1
  gap          251888
  toggle_bit      0

      begin codes
          1                        0x0002
          2                        0x0003
          3                        0x0004
          4                        0x0005
          5                        0x0006
          6                        0x0007
          7                        0x0008
          8                        0x0009
          9                        0x000A
          0                        0x000B
          DTV                      0x0179
          MP3                      0x0187
          DVD                      0x0185
          CPF                      0x016C
          SETUP                    0x008D
          TV_POWER                 0x0164
          GUIDE                    0x016D
          BACK                     0x009E
          DVD_MENU                 0x008B
          MORE                     0x0166
          ALT_TAB                  0x000F
          REPLAY                   0x00A5
          SKIP                     0x00A3
          UP                       0x0067
          DOWN                     0x006C
          LEFT                     0x0069
          RIGHT                    0x006A
          OK                       0x0160
          START                    0x001C
          VOL_UP                   0x0073
          VOL_DOWN                 0x0072
          CH_UP                    0x0192
          CH_DOWN                  0x0193
          CAMERA                   0x00D4
          LIVE                     0x0182
          FOLDER                   0x0086
          WEIRD_SQUARES            0x0173
          RESIZE                   0x0174
          REWIND                   0x00A8
          FAST_FORWARD             0x00D0
          PLAY_PAUSE               0x00A4
          STOP                     0x0080
          MUTE                     0x0071
          RECORD                   0x00A7
          POWER                    0x0074
      end codes

end remote

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