[linux-dvb] Twinham CAB-CI 2033 Mantis linux driver

Zoilo Gomez zoilo at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 29 12:37:05 CEST 2006

Is there any progress on a linux driver for Twinham CAB-CI 2033 Mantis?

I would love to test it.


bbee wrote:
>/ Hi,
/>/ OK, thanks, I'll have a go at the Cab-CI; even if H.264 grabbing 
/>/ fails, I can still use the SDTV MPEG2 feeds as a second mythtv source.
/>/ However, I just noticed that my vendor wants to sell me a new version 
/>/ of the Cab-CI, a "2033 Mantis", on the Twinhan site here:
/>/ http://www.twinhan.com/product_cable_2033.asp
/>/ The board looks differently laid out, and the Windows driver package 
/>/ offered on the site is a different one from the old Cab-CI. I'm no 
/>/ expert, but this smells like a chipset change..
/>/ The only difference in the specifications on the website is that the 
/>/ Tuner's "Input terminal" changed from "Din-type" on the old Cab-CI to 
/>/ "F-type" on the 2033 version. But the driver download is larger by 10Mb!
/>/ Does anyone have any indication if this new version will work? Has 
/>/ anyone tested this new card under Linux? With CAM?
/>/ Or should I go hunting for a shop that still has the old version?
The hardware is not supported right now, but status is bound to change 
soon.. :-)

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