[linux-dvb] AverTV A800 trouble

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Fri Jun 30 09:18:39 CEST 2006

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Klaus Frahm wrote:

> > The problem why the patch does not work is actually quite trivial: When 
> > the dvb_usb_a800 module is NOT loaded, lsusb tells me the SAME ID 07ca:a800 
> > for both devices. After loading the module, the old device switches its ID to 
> > a7ca:a801, the new device keeps its ID. So it is probably not possible to 
> > distinguish between the two devices using the IDs.
> > 
> > To make this mail even longer I did a "lsusb -v" for both devices with no 
> > driver loaded. The results are attached. Out of curiosity I modified Klaus' 
> > second patch the following way. Instead of
> > 
> > *cold=!(udev->descriptor.idProduct == 0xa800);
> > 
> > the new check is
> > 
> > *cold=!(udev->descriptor.iManufacturer == 1);

I would prefer udev->descriptor.iManufacturer != 1 . 

> very interesting your observation. Obviously, my assumption about the
> signification of the variable idProduct was wrong. Probably it is
> modified (to 0xa801) in one of the other dvb-modules (dvb_usb,
> dvb_usb_dibusb_common, ...) and that only after the initialization and
> therefore it cannot be used to distinguish the two devices (maybe the
> modification happens when loading the firmware).

Exactly that is the case.

Can you prepare a patch like the one above - I will commit as fast as 


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