[linux-dvb] Re: DViCO FusionHDTV DVB-T Hybrid and ZL10353-based FusionHDTV DVB-T Plus support

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Wed Mar 1 03:54:16 CET 2006

Christopher Pascoe wrote:


>>+/* FE6600 used on DViCO Hybrid */
>>+struct dvb_pll_desc dvb_pll_unknown_fe6600 = {
>>Why unknown???  Can we s/"dvb_pll_unknown_fe6600"/"dvb_pll_fe6600" ?  ...or is
>>there something that I'm missing, here?
> Every other card type has a vendor there.  I don't know the vendor for the 
> FE6600, so I put unknown.  Perhaps someone else knows who makes the 
> frontend.

I do.  :-D  Thomson makes this one.  My proof is the following line, 
taken straight from DViCO's zl88tune.inf:

%Zulu88Tune.DeviceDescThomson6600%=      Zulu88Tune.Thomson6600, 

I fixed it myself... Please pull from:


>>#4) Can you explain why the abundance of "#if 1 .. foo .. #endif" in the 
>>zl10353*.[ch] files?  Do you plan to keep that code there, or can we 
>>remove the #if 1 tests?
>>From README.HG #16, this is test code that shouldn't go to mainline.  If 
> people running the dev trees have problems, they can enable this to get 
> register states, and I can get some idea about what is going on.

OK, good answer.


>>Chris, if you think that this code is ready for inclusion into the master
>>repository, please let Mauro know, by sending him an hg-pull-request.....  or
>>you can just let me know and I'll mention it to him when I speak with him
> I'm going to have the DVB-T Plus tested by a few more people and will let 
> Mauro know when things appear satisfactory (hopefully on Monday next 
> week).

OK, sounds good.


Michael Krufky

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