Fw: [linux-dvb] Skystar 2 Rev 2.6 question

Daniel García pumukite at yahoo.es
Wed Mar 1 19:25:10 CET 2006

Ok, I'll send it but I have used this revision already in another PC and it 
Now I'm pluggin it in another box.
I'm compiling the kernel to ad video for linux support, to avoid modprobe 
error into insmod.sh , but as I use the card to conect a data trasponder, 
v4l is not needed, am I wrong?
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Subject: Re: [linux-dvb] Skystar 2 Rev 2.6 question

> Hi,
> can you send me a picture of your card and further info for inclusion to
> http://www.bttv-gallery.de ?
> Your contribution will help to improve open source support!
> Because there are many cards and variations by different
> vendors, the developers need _your_ help to get it all supported.
> 1st priority:
> - picture of the card, the card backside (high resolution pics if 
> feasible)
> - lspci -vn
> - "dmesg" when loading the modules
> Regards, Gunther
> Daniel García wrote:
>> Hi list
>>  I'm using linuxtv driver 1.1.1 into kernel 2.4.37.ELsmp with a skystar2 
>> card rev 2.6.
>>  The driver is compiled but when running "insmod.sh load", the insmod 
>> skystar2.o instruction freezes my computer and I have to shut it down by 
>> hand!
>> If the card is no pluged in the pci or I comment the "insmod skystar2.o" 
>> the insmod.sh reach the end.(obviously).
>> It seems that any problem is found when trying to register the card or 
>> perhaps the compilation was not fine? no errors are shown after make 
>> (except no firmware for one of the available cards)
>>  I don't have videodev in my actual kernel, but I need the card to 
>> receive data from satellite network.
>>  Has anyone had a similar problem? anyone knows where to find out?
>>  PLEASE, I'm mad with the problem, any help would be higly appreciated.
>>  cheers.
>>  Dani.
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