[linux-dvb] Technotrend C1500 budget dvb-c with QAM128 channels

Toni Lindroos tonilind.ml at nic.fi
Thu Mar 2 09:39:52 CET 2006

Mattias Nordstrom wrote:

> I have a TT C1500 card (saa7146, STV0297) which had problems tuning
> channels at QAM128 (like the ones in the Finnish HTV / Welho network).
> A fix which seems to work perfectly so far is to change the delay for
> QAM128 to the same values as for QAM256 in stv0297_set_frontend(),
> stv0297.c (line ~395, kernel 2.6.15):
> case QAM_128:
> delay = 200;
> sweeprate = 500;
> break;
> Anyone who can view QAM64 channels but isn't able to tune in to QAM128
> might want to give this a try.

Thank you very much! This works for me too.

Toni Lindroos <tonilind.ml@*NOSPAM*nic.fi>
Turku, Finland

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