[linux-dvb] the current status of the tt dvb-c 2300 driver

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Thu Mar 2 18:42:58 CET 2006

Halim Sahin wrote:
> Please can someone who is developing the driver for the tt dvb-c 2300   give 
> me some information about the current status?
> I read in the archive and found perhaps only a patch for the msp3405to get 
> audio trough the analog out.
> I don't want to use the digital out so its not posible to use this card with 
> the latest driver???
> Then I have drop outs while using the drivers with the old audio patch.
> Can someone please say somethingto these problems!

The attached patch is waiting to be applied to the HG repository.
Unfortunately I can't do that before all authors have signed/acked.
Still waiting. :(


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