[linux-dvb] ttusb-budget: lost sync

"David Fröhlich" dfroe at gmx.de
Fri Mar 3 02:35:22 CET 2006

I just bought a new Hauppauge Nova-S USB. I compiled the latest kernel
( to get the card working.
The card works, but it's quite unusable, because the data stream has _many_
I've found the following errors in the log:

ttusb_process_muxpack: muxpack with incorrect checksum, ignoring
ttusb_process_frame: lost sync.
ttusb_process_muxpack: cc discontinuity (2 frames missing)

Does anyone have this card working?
Or does anybode have any hints how to solve this problem?

I searched and found this link:
But unfortunately there was no solution.

I've no ideas, so: Please help me. :-)

PS.: Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany. ;)

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