[linux-dvb] How to receive an MPEG2-TS stream from network

Pedro Aguilar pedro.aguilar at visionee.com
Fri Mar 3 14:37:24 CET 2006


I'm working on the development of a STB which supports DVB and at the
moment I can receive an MPEG2-TS from the tuner and send it to the demux
using the different types of filters.

I need to add functionality by receiving an MPEG2-TS from the network
(eth0) and then passing the stream to the demux.

I have read in the unfinished doc that the DVB has a network API but
it's not clear how to use it. I've tried to add a DVB network interface
with the ioctl NET_ADD_IF but it says: ERROR: ioctl NET_ADD_IF fdnet
failed (Bad address)

I have also read that instead of receiving an input from the frontend0
(tuner), a dummy frontend can be declared and can receive the streaming
that can be passed to the demux as if it was the 'real' frontend.

Does anyone that have some experience receiving a network stream could
give some ideas of how could I implement it?

Thanks in advance.


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