[linux-dvb] dvb-api-v4 newbie questions

Alex Song songqf9 at yahoo.ca
Fri Mar 3 16:17:34 CET 2006


I'm new to linux-dvb and I'd like to write a driver
for our chip supporting dvb-api-v4. My kernel is and I believe is still api-v3. I wonder,

1. Am I able to use v4 header files (thus api-v4) but 
   the dvb-core is still v3? If not, how to upgrade 
   dvb-core to v4?
2. Our chip supports 2 audio decoders, say audio0 and 
   audio1. The audio output interface for audio0 can
   either spdif or i2s or both. So how can I let user
   select which output? I'm thinking using 
   DVB_MIXER_OUTPUT_MAIN[01], i.e., MAIN0 is i2s and 
   MAIN1 is spdif, is this the right way to go?

Thanks a lot,


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