[linux-dvb] Re: tt dvb-c rev. 2.3 rceiving problems

Marco Skambraks marco at ammec.de
Fri Mar 3 19:54:29 CET 2006

 I'm new in this list
 maybe, this question already came up in the past
 I use a TT dvb-c rev. 2.3 with the latest firmware 2623
 and the latest dvb-kernel-modules and also the latest patch for the audio 
 the analog audio output is OK, but
 during replaying a live video stream I got several dropouts
 if I try it with the same antenna cable and a tt dvb-c rev. 2.1
 everything is fine
 I also tried another tt dvb-c rev. 2.3
 it was the same behavior - several dropouts
 is this also a driver problem like the analog audio
 or does it looks like a card problem
 bad reciever hardware or anything else?

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