[linux-dvb] PATCH for SAA7146 DMA buffer overflow in budget cards (updated)

Ingo Schneider mail at ingo-schneider.de
Sat Mar 4 11:57:19 CET 2006

matthieu castet wrote: 

> Why not using printk_ratelimit() ?

I want to see the first buffer warnings when the system generatesprintk 
with a high rate at another place (which may happen at exactly the same 
time when the buffer is fully used because of high PCI load).
You always want to see all of the first warnings, because if you see 
only a few over some days, this is not too bad - you wouldn't manage to 
find these few dropouts in the recorded mpegs ;-)

Secondly, the problem is not high rate here (rate is about every few 
seconds, and it would be not a good to adjust the global ratelimit),
but the amount of log messages which will be generated over a long time, 
because interrupts are handled 24h a day here.
With using ratelimit, this would just fill up your logfile with an 
information you don't really need, if you get 100 warnings you already 
know something is wrong ...

Ingo Schneider.

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