[linux-dvb] changing the screen width output of the nexus-s

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Sat Mar 4 19:13:43 CET 2006

Domenic Troilo wrote:
> Ok, someone must be able to a least explain what the Variables in the NTSC Structure do, or point me to where I can read up on the "Official" driver...  I was at the techno trend web site, but I think I need to give a blood sample just to get the official documentation from them.
> Domenic Troilo <domenictroilo at yahoo.com> wrote: I am not much for coding, but would like to ask a simple question.  My NTSC TV does not show the whole picture rather it is chopped off around the edges (using vdr and nexus-s hardware card)
> I am wondering if I can tweak the output of the nexus-s card to change the output.  Below is the code I think I need to change:
> ...
> Also I wonder if the experimental values which are referred to in the comment are causing the issue with my older TV?  Does anyone know what the NON-experimental values are?

These values will only affect the v4l capture interface of the card
(/dev/videoX). You cannot adjust the signal on the video connectors.


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