[linux-dvb] Re: DVB-H Transport Stream available for download

Rainer.scherg Rainer.Scherg at t-online.de
Sun Mar 5 16:51:45 CET 2006

Francesco Schiavarelli schrieb:
> Rainer.scherg wrote:
>> you may also use dvbsnoop to set a pid filter and save the result
>> to a file:
>> dvbsnoop -s ts -if input_ts.dat  -b 0x234  > output_ts1.dat
>> dvbsnoop -s ts -if input_ts.dat  -b 0x567  > output_ts2.dat
>> rasc
> Yes, but then I have to parse IP/UDP/RTP headers and try sending the raw 
> stream to mplayer.
> Maybe I'm better setting up a multicast router for online decoding and a 
> tcpreply/tcprewrite script for offline decoding.

Why do you have to parse IP/UDP headers?
Using -b option, dvbsnoop just writes the filtered stream.

You could do ugly things like:

  dvbstream pid  server ...

Receiving site:
  dumprtp | dvbsnoop -s ts -if - -b  0x0PID | tee stream1.out  | ....

(also netcat should be possible)


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