[linux-dvb] MT2060 Tuner support

treza@chez.com treza at chez.com
Mon Mar 6 17:36:01 CET 2006

Hi all

I have managed to add support for a MT2060-based USB DVB-T
receiver, specifically the :

    LiteOn USB DVB-T TV Tuner : USB VendorID=0x04CA
    ( Also rebranded as Intuix S800 with the same IDs )

That thing is based on the DibCom 3000P + Microtune MT2060F
+ Cypress FX2LP(CY7C68013A) chipset.

You can download my patches from "www.chez.com/treza/liteon.htm"

The patched driver should work with the following clone
devices once their IDs are discovered and added to the
dvb-usb-ids.h and dibusb-mc.c files : ( from LinuxTV wiki )
    Grand DVB-T Pen USB 2.0
    YUAN PD300 DVB-T mobility
    Typhoon TV Movie Stick (Art. 50506)
    Club 3D ZAP-TV250mini
    ... and probably many others

The patched driver has the following limitations :

    - I do not have the complete datasheet of the MT2060,
only the leaked info from the ComTech datasheet K1000737843.pdf.
    - I have tried to implement a spurs avoidance algorithm
( in dvb-usb-i2c.c ), but I could not test it because there
is no emitter in my neiborhood using spurs prone
frequencies. The algorithm's effect shall be visible with
the following TV frequencies ( among others ) : [255MHz],
538MHz, 546MHz, 562MHz, 682MHz, 842MHz. Maybe someone here
could try it...
    - My patches are somewhat clumsy as the DibCom 3000M-C/P
driver used a fixed tuner ( The Panasonic ENV57H1XD5 ) and
the tuner programming functions used by the DibCom 3000M-B
driver ( dvb-pll.c ) cannot be used for the MT2060.
    - I'm still investigating on the settings for the
dib3000mc_agc_tuner[][12] array ( in dib3000_priv.h ). If
you have very weak signals you can change in
dvb_usb_pll_mt2060_init_i2c() ( dvb-usb-i2c.c )  :
"b[1]=0x31; /* Sets the AGC gain */" to "b[1]=0x33; /* Sets
the AGC gain */"
    I'll settle on that subject within a couple of days.

Olivier DANET

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