[linux-dvb] RE: MT2060 Tuner support

Rollo Gleeson rollo_g at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 7 10:08:00 CET 2006

Olivier je te remercie pour cet effort. Ça fait six mois que j'attends ce 
driver pour faire marcher mon tuner. Ces clés USB Intuix se vendent comme 
des petits pains en France donc le driver va forcément être apprécié.

Thanks again, we really appreciate you taking the time.


Date: Mon,  6 Mar 2006 17:36:01 +0100
From: " treza at chez.com " <treza at chez.com>
Subject: [linux-dvb] MT2060 Tuner support
To: " linux-dvb " <linux-dvb at linuxtv.org>
Message-ID: <IVPSS1$0B0A7A12B5614BCFD437A883B50BAA9D at aliceadsl.fr>
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Hi all

I have managed to add support for a MT2060-based USB DVB-T
receiver, specifically the :

     LiteOn USB DVB-T TV Tuner : USB VendorID=0x04CA
     ( Also rebranded as Intuix S800 with the same IDs )

That thing is based on the DibCom 3000P + Microtune MT2060F
+ Cypress FX2LP(CY7C68013A) chipset.

You can download my patches from "www.chez.com/treza/liteon.htm"

The patched driver should work with the following clone
devices once their IDs are discovered and added to the
dvb-usb-ids.h and dibusb-mc.c files : ( from LinuxTV wiki )
     Grand DVB-T Pen USB 2.0
     YUAN PD300 DVB-T mobility
     Typhoon TV Movie Stick (Art. 50506)
     Club 3D ZAP-TV250mini
     ... and probably many others

The patched driver has the following limitations :

     - I do not have the complete datasheet of the MT2060,
only the leaked info from the ComTech datasheet K1000737843.pdf.
     - I have tried to implement a spurs avoidance algorithm
( in dvb-usb-i2c.c ), but I could not test it because there
is no emitter in my neiborhood using spurs prone
frequencies. The algorithm's effect shall be visible with
the following TV frequencies ( among others ) : [255MHz],
538MHz, 546MHz, 562MHz, 682MHz, 842MHz. Maybe someone here
could try it...
     - My patches are somewhat clumsy as the DibCom 3000M-C/P
driver used a fixed tuner ( The Panasonic ENV57H1XD5 ) and
the tuner programming functions used by the DibCom 3000M-B
driver ( dvb-pll.c ) cannot be used for the MT2060.
     - I'm still investigating on the settings for the
dib3000mc_agc_tuner[][12] array ( in dib3000_priv.h ). If
you have very weak signals you can change in
dvb_usb_pll_mt2060_init_i2c() ( dvb-usb-i2c.c )  :
"b[1]=0x31; /* Sets the AGC gain */" to "b[1]=0x33; /* Sets
the AGC gain */"
     I'll settle on that subject within a couple of days.

Olivier DANET

Rollo Gleeson

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