[linux-dvb] Signal strength/quality meter.

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Tue Mar 7 10:45:16 CET 2006


I'm using a DVB-T PCI card - and I was wondering if there are any 
applications, or utilities which display signal-strength / SNR / BER / 
uncorrected errors, other than tzap?

There is a lot of multi-path from the transmitter that I'm currently 
pointed at, and as my SNR, and BER are a bit rubbish currently, I'm 
going to first try and climb up into my loft-space, and play with the 
distribution amp set up (which is non-trivial, as it includes outputs 
for 3 other flats in the building).  If that isn't good enough, I'll be 
up on the roof, to point the aerial a bit better.

So, the problem is one of getting the information to the person who is 
doing the attenuator twiddling / aerial pointing.  Something with a big 
visible bar-graph would be good, but I would still end up having to get 
someone to shout at me with an interpretation of what they can see on 
the screen, in the case where I have to venture up on the roof...  This 
probably gives a long, and probably error prone action-effect feedback loop.

I was thinking that even better would be something to output an audible 
tone, which changed in pitch according to the input (e.g. the note goes 
up in pitch when the value of the given monitored variable improves).

Any comments?  Before I look into audio synth APIs, and curses apps, has 
anyone done one already?



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