[linux-dvb] Multiple questions

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Tue Mar 7 10:58:59 CET 2006


We are at the beginning of the development for an embedded settop box supported by the v4l-dvb. We also like to help development of the 4vl-dvb core. For this we have some questions, maybe someone can answer these:

1) What should we use as a base for the 4vl-dvb core. The only V4 API core is available in dvb-kernel-v4! 
The API is changed from API V3 but the documentation of API V4 says: "v3 API is a complete subset of the new v4 API".

2) Because we want to use the Core for an embedded settop box with multiple tuners and demuxes, we need support for multiple pipe within the dvb core.
  Is it correct that only the V4 has the multiple pipe support ?

3) For testing and writing applications we want to use a PC with 2 DVB PCI cards. Are there any test applications for the V4 API, and is there a working DVB Card available ?

4) Within the kernel 2.6.10 and higher there is support for 4vl-dvb Version V3. Is this going to be upgraded to V4. 

5) Modulator and Scart support is not within the current API. Are there any ideas to add this. Manly because of the video4linux2 merge which has some support for modulator and Scart.

6) Are there already embedded consumer products available that uses the v4l-dvb api. We now of the reelbox, relook settop boxes.

Thank you 

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