[linux-dvb] dvb_ttpci: saa7113 not accessible.

Marco Skambraks marco at ammec.de
Tue Mar 7 13:42:39 CET 2006


I use the tt dvb-c rev. 2.3
with kernel 2.6.13 and the latest dvb modules
after loading the modules I got the message mentioned in the subject

if I zap to a channel with czap
I got a very bad signal
the value is "signal 005d"
if I try the same cabel-connection with a tt dvb-c rev. 2.1 
the signal value is
"signal ffff"

I also tried another tt dvb-c rev. 2.3 - and it was
the same behavior

and I also tried different PCs
I guess the driver does not correctly init the receiver

is this a known problem?



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