[linux-dvb] Chapman ??

Peter Maersk-Moller peter at maersk-moller.net
Wed Mar 8 22:46:56 CET 2006

Hi Nico

Nico Sabbi wrote:
> Peter Maersk-Moller wrote:
>> Hi
>> Does anybody know how to contact Dave Chapman ?
>> ....

> you can send the diffs  for dvbstream to me.

Which version do you have ? I have come across many
variations of version 0.5. If you have a link to your version, I
can port my changes to it.

However, we should only do the work if my features have any interest
to anyone.

The features/functionality I added is this

   -td dir     Texttv dumpdir (-t ttpid required)
   -ti ip      Texttv stream to ip(-t ttpid required)
   -tp port    Texttv stream to port (default 35000) (-t ttpid required)
   -d ip,port,ttl,pid1,pid2...pidN  Stream pid1-pidN to dst ip and dst port

-td will dump vtx files into a directory
-ti will send the texttv stream to a dst IP address
-tp will be the dst port for -ti
-d will stream pid1...pidN to IP ip and Port port with ttl

-td is partly a merge of dvbtext into dvbstream
-d can be repeated as many times as desired but requires pid 8192.

I considered to multi thread dvbstream since a slow disk (or writing to
a NFS mounted disk) makes dvbstream loose several TS packets - I guess
they are simply not read in time from the dvb adapter.

Kind regards

Peter Maersk-Moller

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