[linux-dvb] Asus My Cinema P7131 Dual.

Benedict White benedict at myrealbox.com
Thu Mar 9 12:24:18 CET 2006

Hi, I have finally given up on my Twinhan, and bought an Asus My Cinema P7131 

This has the following two identifiable chips on it:
A Philips Saa7131E and TDA10046A.

I have been having problems with the card, in that it could not originally find any 
chanels, I then added the latest snapshot, (15th Jan 2006) of the dvd/V4L tree and 
built that which helped. I then edited saa7134-cards.c as per 

adding .mute = {
			.name = name_mute,
			.amux = TV,
			.gpio = 0x0200000,

in the relevent place which helped DVB a bit. But I have some questions.

First the performance is not good in TV (as opposed to DVB), but then I am running a 
Duron 900 with 256 MB of RAM. (Do I need more)

Second the picture is not great either. My freeview box works fine, so does the tuner 
in my TV.

Now, first, my cable from the airial on the roof goes first to the video recorder, then 
the freeview box, then the TV. When testing this setup, so as I can still watch telly on 
the big box, I run the card of the connection to the TV, which has then run through 
two other units. Is this a known issue?

Second, is there any further and better patches to be applied to the Asus?

Last but not least, is there any way I get get TV, DVB and radio all working, with only 
one airial as it has two inputs, one for DVB/FM, and the other for analogue. I notice 
the patch above disables FM.

Kind regards

Benedict White

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