[linux-dvb] Asus My Cinema P7131 Dual.

hermann pitton v4l at arcor.de
Thu Mar 9 23:25:20 CET 2006

Hi Benedict,

Am Donnerstag, den 09.03.2006, 11:24 +0000 schrieb Benedict White:
> Hi, I have finally given up on my Twinhan, and bought an Asus My Cinema P7131 
> Dual.
> This has the following two identifiable chips on it:
> A Philips Saa7131E and TDA10046A.

guess some more are hidden, but it needs ultra sub miniature welding
equipment, except for the also easily visible mux chip.

> I have been having problems with the card, in that it could not originally find any 
> chanels, I then added the latest snapshot, (15th Jan 2006) of the dvd/V4L tree and 
> built that which helped. I then edited saa7134-cards.c as per 
> http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2006-February/008205.html

I'm already about 90 km from the DVB-T transmitter away in a borderline
reception condition, but missed only one VHF-low 7MHz transponder with
the old code.

> adding .mute = {
> 			.name = name_mute,
> 			.amux = TV,
> 			.gpio = 0x0200000,
> 		},
> in the relevent place which helped DVB a bit. But I have some questions.

No, it doesn't help DVB at all. It is only plain antenna input switching
from the analog side of the driver.

> First the performance is not good in TV (as opposed to DVB), but then I am running a 
> Duron 900 with 256 MB of RAM. (Do I need more)

What tells the m$ driver instruction ;)
I think it should be enough even with good tvtime deinterlacers.

> Second the picture is not great either. My freeview box works fine, so does the tuner 
> in my TV.

Hmm, if you connect the same signal directly to the Asus you should have
some point here.

> Now, first, my cable from the airial on the roof goes first to the video recorder, then 
> the freeview box, then the TV. When testing this setup, so as I can still watch telly on 
> the big box, I run the card of the connection to the TV, which has then run through 
> two other units. Is this a known issue?

I have the P7131 Dual still fine for analog after two passive splitters
on cable-tv and it can still easily compete with a FM1216ME/I H-3 (MK-3)
Philips tuner under the same conditions, which I consider to be my best
one, but adding a third splitter will be too much. 

I think it is not card specific. Analog requires cable-tv signal quality
input, at least there was nobody satisfied yet with FTA analog.
(I don't know if there could be a specific UHF range problem too, like it
may occur in the UK, since we don't have reception there)

> Second, is there any further and better patches to be applied to the Asus?

Patches are welcome, you would need the gpio switch in card specific
digital tuning code to make it persistent from this side.

> Last but not least, is there any way I get get TV, DVB and radio all working, with only 
> one airial as it has two inputs, one for DVB/FM, and the other for analogue. I notice 
> the patch above disables FM.

No, the mute /abuse patch does not disable radio. If you consider all
possible combinations, there is no ideal solution for what I can see. On
a certain point you have to plug antenna connectors. That's why I leave
it as is for now, but patches are welcome ...


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