[linux-dvb] DVB-S

Stuart Fox stuart at dontuse.ms
Mon Mar 13 17:52:29 CET 2006

> Stuart Fox wrote:
>> Hi
>> Quick question (hopefully), are there any well supported dvb-s cards
>> with
>> a CAM compatible with uk SKY? Basically I want the sky package but to
>> use
>> it with my myth setup.
>> Cheers
>> Stuart
> There are no legal NDS CAMs. If you do manage to find a CAM that is
> functional, any DVB-s card with a CI slot should now potentially work
> with Myth, since someone has recently committed support for the
> high-level CI used with the bt8xx based cards.
> Cheers,
> Allan.

Sorry forgive my ignorance but what is an NDS CAM?
I thought (I've never seen any I'm just assuming) that a CAM
was just a slot in the card where you inserted you SKY card?


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