[linux-dvb] DVB-S

Peter Zubaj pzubaj at gaya.sk
Mon Mar 13 18:09:26 CET 2006


CAM is some kind of PCMCIA card. Into this card you can put card.
For NDS (videoguard - crypto system used by SKY) there is no official (legal) 
NDS CAM. There is no DVB card which accept SKY card directly. There are DVB 
carts which can use various CAMs (Nagra, Viaaccess, Cryptoworks, ...). There 
is no official (legal) way to view SKY on PC.

Peter Zubaj
> Sorry forgive my ignorance but what is an NDS CAM?
> I thought (I've never seen any I'm just assuming) that a CAM
> was just a slot in the card where you inserted you SKY card?

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