[linux-dvb] Howto automatically load saa7134-dvb?

Ole Reinartz ole.reinartz at gmx.de
Mon Mar 13 21:33:42 CET 2006

I'm struggling to automate the loading of saa7134-dvb for my Avermedia 777.
I'm using Jose Alberto Reguero's patch to get the 777 working, and it is 
working well. However, whenever the system starts up, it detects the 
card and loads the saa7134 module, but not the saa7134-dvb. After I 
modprobe this module, everything is ok.
Is that working automatically at someones system? How can that be done?

 Now I searched the source for a reason and found out that someone 
(probably Gerd Knorr himself) added a mechanism to load the saa7134-dvb 
from the saa7134 whenever that detects a dvb- card.
The saa7134-dvb is dependent on saa7134, so it cannot be loaded while 
the saa7134 itself is being loaded. So the code registers a notifier to 
get notified after it got 'live' (i.e. its state changed to 
MODULE_STATE_LIVE) I guess. And this notifier never gets called.
Looking in module.c (of kernel 2.6.15, which is the kernel I use) I find 
that in sys_init_module() the notification mechanism is called only 
before the module actually gets initialised, but not after that. That 
confuses me a bit. Does someone know how this is going to work? Can the 
module somehow act at the time it got 'live'?


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