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I have an MPEG audio stream that contains PTS info in a non-standard header.  I am able to strip the non-standard headers out and get a playable MPEG audio stream without any problems.  Now I'm trying to process the PTS info from the non-standard header and insert proper PES headers with the PTS info into the stream (eventually I need to multiplex with a video stream).  The problem I'm having is that the resulting stream is unplayable in vlc or mplayer so I think I'm messing something up.  Here is an example of a PES header I'm inserting into the stream:

00 00 01 c0 02 48 80 80 05 21 02 95 e4 cd

As I understand the ISO 13818-1 this PES header breaks down as follow:

00 00 01           (start code)
c0                 (stream id)
02 48              (packet length)
80 80              (PTSDTS flag on, all others off)
05                 (PES header length)
21 02 95 e4 cd     (PTS)

Am I creating a valid PES header ?  Should the resulting stream be playable in media players like VLC or mplayer ?

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