[linux-dvb] Problem with diseqc SkySat 2

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at email.it
Fri Mar 17 15:41:02 CET 2006

Rob Davis wrote:
> I have just upgrade my installation to take in a feed from my neighbours
> dish, pointed at Hotbird.  I have Astra 28.2 on LNB1, and Hotbird 13 on
> LNB 2 of a two port diseqc.  This works well with a normal receiver and
> with Kaffeine.  However, I can't seem to get it working with mplayer or
> xine.  (Although I think xine is being called by kaffeine?)
> Here are two sample lines from channels.conf.sat
> BBC 1 West:10816:v:0:22002:2305:2307:10351
> RAI1:11766:v:1:27502:512:650:3401
why 27502? IIRC it's 27500
for Rai1 you need to set diseqc to 2 for mplayer, not 1

> These are the two channels I am trying to view.  The file is the same
> for mplayer and xine.
> This is from Kaffeine:
> TV|BBC 1
> West|2305|2307,|2309|10351|2048|SAstra-28.2E|10816|22002|v|56|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|258|||
> TV|RAI1|512|650(ita),|576|3401|5200|SHotbird-13.0E|11765|27500|v|23|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|-1|1696|||
> Any ideas?  I would like it to work for Freevo..

try tzap first (copy channels.conf.sat to ~/.tzap/channels.conf and run 
tzap -r RAI1)



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