[linux-dvb] USB driver dmxdev crash on disconnection

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Wed Mar 22 22:29:39 CET 2006

Hi Mark,

sorry for the late (almost too late) answer.

On Wed, 22 Mar 2006, Mark Watson wrote:
> Please help! Do I need to provide more information? I only really want to know
> how I should be using the dvb_dmx_release. Presumably I need to check it is
> not being used before calling, but can't work out what.

The problem you describe in your previous email is known. All in all the 
answer is, the dvb-core currently in not hot(un)plug capable. As currently 
only USB devices (correct me if I'm wrong) can be unplugged while running 
this only affects them.

The cinergyT2 implements a solution. Because it is using a "non-common" 
way of handling the dvb_frontend and in this way it has control of the 
frontendX device-nodes open and close. So what it does, basically, is to 
do a delayed free of the dvb_core-stuff when the device-node is used and 
the usb-box is unplugged.

This was implemented by Deti Fliegl.

So, the way to go could be to implement such a delayed-release inside 
dvb-core (in particular in dvbdev.c and maybe others). By doing so all 
dvb-hardware would be hotunpluggable, rather than just one particular 

Do you think you can take a look at it?

best regards,

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