[linux-dvb] USB driver dmxdev crash on disconnection

Mark Watson linuxtv at foft.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Mar 22 22:47:07 CET 2006

Hi Patrick,

Many thanks for the reply.

On Wednesday 22 March 2006 21:29, Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> The problem you describe in your previous email is known. All in all the
> answer is, the dvb-core currently in not hot(un)plug capable. As currently
> only USB devices (correct me if I'm wrong) can be unplugged while running
> this only affects them.
Ahhhhh very interesting to know. I had thought I was cleaning up 

> The cinergyT2 implements a solution. Because it is using a "non-common"
> Do you think you can take a look at it?
Well I'm not too hot on kernel development, in particular I really don't 
understand the frontend stuff and also all the internal i2c communication 
bits! I've written i2c bit banging protocol stuff directly before but this is 
all too weird...

That said if its just delaying unloading dvb core stuff until ref count is 
zero (rather than directly unloading on unregister) then I'll have a go. I'll 
have to see what the T2 driver's strategy is. I'll take a look this W/E.



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