[linux-dvb] bt8xx docu fixes and other docu fixes

Edgar Toernig froese at gmx.de
Fri Mar 24 17:51:23 CET 2006

Sigmund Augdal Helberg wrote:
> I can confirm that autodetection does not allways work for some twinhan
> cards. That is for the same card autodetection some times work some
> times not. When autodetection fails and no card= option is given for
> that card the computer locks up.

Hmmm... did you test that with the current driver (i.e. the one in
2.6.16)?  If I read the code correctly, the card option may get the
bttv driver running, but the dvb driver would fail with the message:

  bt878_probe: card id=[0x0], Unknown card.

Btw, why does the system lock up?  IRQ storms?  Could setting
no_gpioirq for BTTV_BOARD_UNKNOWN avoid the lock up[1]?

Ciao, ET.

[1] In older bttv versions even with no_gpioirq set, gpio irqs
were enable for a short moment and may have caused irq storms.
But that was fixed some months ago.

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