[linux-dvb] Riiping DVB .TS file

DUBOST Brice dubost at crans.ens-cachan.fr
Mon Mar 27 11:13:28 CEST 2006

juha s. wrote:
> Hi gurus
> I'm using dvbstream to record whole MUX with all PIDs (-o 8192) in it to
> a one file. So I get one big file which I like to decode. I can get
> videos and audios out of file, but is there a way to rip of teletext,
> EPG and SI -information if I know the right pids.
> So, what I really like to do, is to rip out teletext plus
> EPG-information to another file and read those file when I need to
> information from EPG or teletext.
> VLC player doesn't yet support EPG or teletext, but is there any easy
> way or tools to do this or should I just forget it ?
> Thansk advance
> -Jussi


Here's a little program joined

Edit the source and choose the pids you want



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Ce programme permet de récuperer un pid d'un flux Mpeg2-TS met met les paquets a coté, il n'extrait pas les données et c'est bien le probleme .....

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