[linux-dvb] no firmware for dvb adapter

Martin Mardin01 at gmx.de
Mon Mar 27 11:33:01 CEST 2006

Hi Stefan,

Sorry but I don't know that DVB adapter, but I think there are two things you 
have to seperate ... Firmware is the software on the device loaded the OS ... 
(under Linux it is the kernel or maybe some other mechnism which load the 
firmware to the card ...) this piece of software (firmware) is OS 
independant ... maybe you mean the second part of software (called drivers) 
they depend on the OS you are using.

Hope to help

Am Sonntag, 26. März 2006 21:17 schrieb Stefan Maeder:
> Hey guys,
> i got a prob with my MSI Digi Vox Mini (USB). I just can find windows
> firmware. You know if there's any compatible clone driver oder somthing
> else?
> thx
> Stefan
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