[linux-dvb] nexus-ca bad signal

Marco Skambraks marco at ammec.de
Mon Mar 27 13:35:13 CEST 2006

I'm using a technotrend dvb-c 2.3 samae as hauppauge nexus-ca 
kernel 2.6.13 latest linux-dvb drivers and firmawre 2623
I know I need the analog-audio patch and this patch is working very well
my problem is that I have several dropouts and a signal value lower than 1%
I found many articles about this problem, but no solution
I tried the card in two different macines - the result was the same
I also tried another nexus-ca - I got also a bad result
if I use a technotrend dvb-c 2.1 with the same antenna-cable 
and the same machine-configuration
the signal is OK (value 100%) and no dropouts

any idea how to get this card running?



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