[linux-dvb] freecom USB dvb-t -- new vendor/product ID 14aa:022a

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Mon Mar 27 14:09:58 CEST 2006

Hi Mikel,

from the logs I can see, that the commands in warm state seem to be equal. 
So not much to do once, we found the correct firmware.

To see if it is a different firmware than already used by previous design 
I have to take a look at the other log-files I have.

However, can you try the following (will only work with dual-boot):

Run your PC in Window, let the windows driver download the firmware. 
Without power off you computer go back to linux and load the driver. If 
your PC did not reset the USB ports while rebooting, you should get some 
more results.

(same could be achieved by running windows in vmware in Linux).

> When I plug the usb stick, first, the Loader´s "present" present flag
> is "yes", and this is the log I get:
> http://www.zhenit.net/usbsnoopDigital-TV_Loader.loghttp://www.zhenit.net/usbsnoopDigital-TV_Loader.log
> In a few seconds the preset flag switches to no an the Receiver
> apperas as present.
> This is the log I get 10Mb during the channel scan:
> http://www.zhenit.net/usbsnoopDigital-TV_Receiver.loghttp://www.zhenit.net/usbsnoopDigital-TV_Receiver.log
> In case I could help providing you with any other information, just ask ;)

I will create a firmware from the first (loader) log, if necessary, and 
with it, we will be able to run the device, without booting windows first 


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