[linux-dvb] broadcast data over skyDSL?

Mikko Tuumanen m at sorvankyla.yok.utu.fi
Wed Mar 29 15:52:08 CEST 2006

> Is it possible to broadcast data over the dvb (datamode)?

See for example:
The pdf includes links to couple of open source implementations.

> So if one person orders an skydsl (internet over Sat) and he starts an 
> download, then every dvb-s user can receive the data.
> As I know the dvb driver (datamode) filters the data for the right MAC 
> Adress, but if we fake the MAC Adress then we can receive the data.

> Maybe this is illegal, but this is not the point. Is it possible?

I think that if you can receive udp packets that are
meant for someone other than you from skydsl, broadcasting with
flute would work.

But is the skydsl somehow encrypted? Is it easy to share the possible
encryption keys?

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