[linux-dvb] How to extract several PID's from a TS

Peter Fassberg pf at leissner.se
Thu Mar 30 23:40:47 CEST 2006


> You can setup multiple PES filters at once time, each PID selected will be
> sent to the dvr0 device, as the raw TS stream.  You can only select about 10
> (??) PIDs this way.  Devices with hardware PID filters usually only have so
> many PIDs they can filter at once.  Devices without hardware PID filters (most
> PCI cards) are, IMHO, poorly and inefficiently supported by this arrangement.
> A software filter could filter a thousand PIDs just as easily as it does one.

I use the special PID "8192" (0x2000) whith dvbstream to select *ALL* PIDs
from my Twinhan (budget) cards.  Both DVB-T and DVB-S.

Example: dvbstream -o 8192 >all-pids.ts

--  Peter Fassberg                  E-mail: pf at leissner.se

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