Chip info - Re: [linux-dvb] TechniSat AirStar Telestick T1 - is supported?

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Fri Mar 31 13:05:47 CEST 2006

I've opened device and found some chips. Any suggestion which module I should start with? Comments? Im able to read following 

| TDA10046A
| S48134.1	03
| 04391

| CY7C68013A-
| 56LFXC 0513
| B 04 KOR
| CYP 617006

| LVC00A
| AS099
|  UnG05
|  23D

The first one is probably for frontend, second USB controler. I did not found any ino about the third one. There is also another one chip, but i'm unable to read text written on it. Text preset on it seems to me  like in mirror... ?

Thank you for any comments / suggestions


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Předmět: Re: [linux-dvb] TechniSat AirStar Telestick T1 - is supported?
Datum: 28.3.2006 00:01:18

As no response received I expect this device is not currently supported... Ok.
Can anybody help me to get this device supported? I can do some testing, but
absolutely do't know where to start.

Vendor / product id is 0b48:3004

I tried to use usb-snoop to grab communication with device under MS Windows XP.
The log files were huge so I uploaded to the web only the smallest one created
after device replug. (125 kB, unpacked 2.47 MB)

I have also two other logs - with start dvbview application (~39 MB zipped) and
with chanel scan (~151 MB zipped). Don't know if it can be useful. Please drop
me a note if you are interested in.

There is also available output of lsusb command and also with -v option

There is also published  inf file and picture of device itself, and package if
anybody is interested in. I did not tried to open device itself - I don't want
to lose warranty.


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Předmět: [linux-dvb] TechniSat AirStar Telestick T1 - is supported?
Datum: 17.3.2006 10:52:27
Hi all,

I've bought AirStar Telestick T1 from TechniSat
(,68&pid=1570). Is
this DVB-T USB receiver supported? It seems to me from lsusb output that the
hardware is manufactured by TechnoTrend AG. Device id is 3004, but there is no
entry in file for it. It looks like that there is also the same device
with additional 8k EEPROM with id 3005 (if I correctly underestand supplied

What can (or should) I do to get this device supported in Linux if not already?

Thank you
Roman Vasicek

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