[linux-dvb] Re: problem with receiving DVB-H signal

Francesco Schiavarelli kaboom at tiscalinet.it
Wed May 10 21:17:18 CEST 2006

Lukasz Kondrad wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to receive DVB-H signal. I set dvbnet on correct pid, I add 
> multicast route on dvb0_0 dev, I tune the card, I dump packet by using 
> tcpdump and I have the valid sdp file but when I run vlc to catch the 
> signal it said:
>  main decoder debug: thread 2993748912: secret message triggered at 
> src/misc/block.c:228 (Connection timed out)
> I saw that few person was recived dvb-h signal with success, may you 
> help me, please??
> Best Regards
> Lukasz 
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I had to turn dvb0_0 interface into PROMISC mode in order to get the 
packets routed to eth0.
Putting dvb0_0 into ALLMULTI didn't worked for me.

Also there should be some strangeness with 2.6 kernel multicast 
management that I couldn't get rid of.
Try to keep ethereal capturing on the dvb interface and you'll see 
packet rate doubling every now and then, although packet rate on the dvb 
interface is almost constant.
Also you need to open VLC on another PC connected through a LAN to get a 
properly decoded picture.

Hope this helps.

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