[linux-dvb] CA_CI_MODULE_READY not reset when CAM removed from AV7110 DVB card

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Wed Nov 1 13:21:11 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Oliver Endriss wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> I'm currently improving VDR's CAM handling, and while doing so
>>> I came across what seems to be a bug in the AV7110 driver code.
>>> If I do
>>>    int fd = open("/dev/dvb/adapter0/ca0", O_RDWR);
>>>    ca_slot_info_t sinfo;
>>>    sinfo.num = 0;
>>>    ioctl(fd, CA_GET_SLOT_INFO, &sinfo);
>>> to check whether the CI adapter contains a CAM, the value of
>>> sinfo.flags is 0 as long as no CAM is inserted. When I insert a CAM,
>>> it first goes to 1 (CA_CI_MODULE_PRESENT) and then to 3
>>> (CA_CI_MODULE_PRESENT | CA_CI_MODULE_READY). So far everything is ok.
>>> However, when I remove the CAM from the slot, sinfo.flags still remains
>>> set to 3. It never goes back to 0.
>>> Is this a bug or "intended behavior"?
>> Afaics it is a bug. Could you check whether CI_handle(in av7110_ca.c) is
>> called when you remove the CAM? If not it's a firmware bug.
> CI_handle(in av7110_ca.c) never gets called.
> ...

Well, apparently this is a firmware problem - and, shame on me, one
I created myself...

Back in 2003 I was debugging problems with CAM access, and my findings
then were that if the CiMAX version 2.0 chip's registers were read too
often, this caused frequent failures. So I changed that to no longer
read the CiMAX registers once a CAM has been detected.

Well, looks like this is now backfiring at me.

I'll test what happens if I revert to the old version, maybe the
problem back then was something else...


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