[linux-dvb] Feature Request: CAM kernel module

Rene Bartsch ML at Bartschnet.de
Thu Nov 2 05:30:55 CET 2006


usually Conditional Access Modules are put into a CI-interface.

But this means additional costs for the CI-interface and the CAM is
limited to one DVB card and online descrambling.

But luckily, a CAM is nothing else than a PCMCIA card with a standardized
logical interface to communicate with receivers. Putting that card in a
PCMCIA slot one's DVR software would be able to use the CAM independent
from the DVB cards.

That way one could use a CAM with ANY cheap DVB card and even record a
stream scrambled when the CAM is in use and descramble the recording
offline when the CAM is available again.

But the missing part is a kernel module for CAMs. This would be quite a
simple module. It would just have to register a character device
"/dev/cam/X" with major M and minor X and provide read/write functions.

Could any of the DVB developers add such a module to the DVB tree?



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