[linux-dvb] Problems with conditional access programs

Sven Lindholm sven.lindholm at nym.se
Thu Nov 2 17:55:31 CET 2006

Hi all,

I am trying to view CA:d programs using a Twinhan DVB-T card and  
Viaccess module under 2.6.18. the card works perfectly for non-CA  
material, but not quite perfectly with CA. The issue is that after a  
while (a few minutes to a few hours), the stream will revert to being  
scrambled, as if no CA was available. If I then restart the player,  
all is well for another while.

I've tried this with VLC (0.8.6) and getstream combined with ca_zap -  
both systems show the same symtoms. In the case of getstream, a new  
run of ca_zap is required to get the stream going again.

It would seem as if a key change or something is happening, and the  
driver/card/CAM isn't keeping track properly.

Any ideas about how to go about solving or troubleshooting this?


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