[linux-dvb] Re: HDHomeRun experience

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Thu Nov 2 22:54:53 CET 2006

matt avila wrote:
> Does anyone have any experiences good / bad / indifferent with a product
> called the HDHomeRun
> http://www.9thtee.com/hdhomerun.htm
> I'm specifically looking for a HD capable tuner for Myth - Ill be
> connecting this to RCN in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. I'm not sure
> of what bcast RCN is, although Ive hears its QAM something... Any
> experiences would be greatly appreciated - or any suggestions on a known
> HDTV tuner for RCN cable

This looks kinda cool -- I want one!

...anyway, This device is not like the other devices supported by the
linux-dvb project -- it is a standalone device, and it seems to stream
the TS data via ethernet.  They say that it works with mythtv?  hmm...
I believe it, but probably not like a standard DVB device.

If you're looking for a tuner that is known to work with mythtv, and is
supported by linux-dvb, take a look here:


side note:

You sent this email to the video4linux mailing list, which really only
deals with analog video capture.  I've added cc to the linux-dvb mailing
list (subscription required)  -- please subscribe at:



Michael Krufky

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