[linux-dvb] Initial support for Sigmatek DVB-110 DVB-T

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Fri Nov 3 03:42:04 CET 2006

This patch adds driver for Sigmatek DVB-110 USB DVB-T stick. Stick has 
based on hardware of Qtuantek QT1010 tuner, Zarlink ZL10353 (Intel CE 
6353) demodulator and Alcor Micro AU6610 DVB-T USB controller. HW is 
rather similar as used in MSI Megasky GL861.

Currently, the driver works only in USB 2.0. In my understanding USB 1.1 
is also supported by hw but I cannot test it due to lack of USB 1.1 
port. Device supports only isochronous mode transfers. There is also 
eeprom in usb-controller (at least in address range 0x80 - 0xbf) for 
storing data, eg. firmware. Anyway, firmware loading is not used / 
required by the device.

There seems to be at least one unknown I2C device in address 0xa0, 
probably remote control or GPIO. Windows drivers reads registers from 
0x00 to 0x07 from this unknown address.

Driver is based on gl861 module in current megasky development tree. 
Tuner has a lot of problems to lock with megasky qt1010 module with this 
hardware at least broadcasting standards used in Finland. I will try to 
fix this later...

Feedback, bug/success reports are highly welcome.

Best regards
Antti Palosaari
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