[linux-dvb] dib3000 (USB-ID 1822:3202 Twinhan) not tuning

Mario Rossi mariofutire at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 4 09:42:09 CET 2006

I've got a dib3000mc and after the "refactored tuner code" changes I
had some issues but they have been (almost all) solved in the current
tip mercurial code.
Which dib3000XXXX do you have exactly? which code are you running?
what is the problem exactly?

>Hi list,

>I recently updated my kernel from to 2.6.18 and found out,
>that my Twinhan MagicBox won't tune anymore. Switching back to the
>old kernel solved the problem, but that's my favourite solution.

>I would like to find out why it dosn't work anymore. The one thing I found
>out is, that the problem was introduced by the "refractored tuner code"
>(changeset id: 0e988fec6587 @ hg/v4l-dvb @ linuxtv.org) or something,
>that's got to do with it.

>I would be very happy about any hint, that can help me fixing this issue.

>Julian Picht

>PS: Sorry for my English...

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